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Responsible Gameplay

CAUTION: We take real money from you when you buy coins in our games but we do not give you any real money in return even if you win when playing our games. So, there is no point in spending a lot of real money and being very serious and/or excited.

This guideline is for a small percentage of gamers for whom online casinos become problematic or even uncontrollable. Thus online casinos can impact a player's emotional and financial well-being.

Many adults find online casinos a great source of fun and entertaining experience but oftentimes forget the risks involved. Everyone should have access to these fun and entertainment but we are committed to provide fun and entertainment for them in a safe way. We want you to enjoy the fun and excitement of online casinos without any consequences.

It is recommended and wise to know all the risks involved in gambling so that you can take preventive measures.

We are giving you a plan. Follow it and avoid the risks involved.

Know and understand the game

Gambling games are designed in such a way that you will certainly lose over time even if you win in the short term. It is guaranteed that the more you play, the more you lose. You have no chance to win over the house if you play for a long time.

Make your game plan

Before you start playing, set two specific limits - (a) time and (2) money. If you play for a limited amount of time, your losses will be limited. If you stop when your budget is finished, you will be on the safe side.

On your mobile phone, set a timer to track how much time you are playing. When you reach your daily limit, stop playing and stay safe.

As soon as you feel that gambling is no longer fun, you should immediately stop playing and take a break. Remember that you are gambling only for fun.

Whenever you lose money, treat it as the cost of your entertainment. Whenever you win, treat it as a bonus.

This game is only for those individuals who enjoy gambling as a social pastime game, can play responsibly and know their limits.

Take help from a friend

Team up with one or more friends. If you play for an excessive amount of time or spend an excessive amount of money, your friends will warn and/or stop you. You can do the same for your friends. This way all of you can stay safe.

Engage in other activities

Gambling should not be your major or only activity on any day. Engage in other activities too. If you engage in a variety of activities, you will not be able to be too much attached to gambling.

Do not take a lot of risk

Every person has their own risk tolerance level. How much risk can you tolerate? Based on your financial conditions, you can decide on your maximum but safe tolerance level. Do not go beyond this tolerance level.

Never use borrowed money to gamble

It is very dangerous to borrow money to gamble. If you lose borrowed money, it can bring severe pain to your life for a long time. Do not gamble so much money that you cannot afford to lose.

Gambling can bring entertainment but not money

We have already clearly said that you cannot make money by gambling. You can only lose money. If you spend a limited amount of time and money on gambling, it can be a great source of entertainment.

Never chase your losses

Wise gamblers get a lot of fun when they win but they truly expect to lose slowly and never chase their losses. If you have a habit of chasing your losses, you better do not play.

Do not consume alcohol while playing

If you are drunk, you may spend too much time and/or money betting. Even if you consume alcohol while playing, please make sure you do not drink more than the safe limit. If you feel you have consumed more than enough alcohol, please stop playing.

Under 18 years? Do not play

If your age is less than 18 years, please do not play our betting games. It is not for you. We do not want you to spend money (i.e. buy coins) in our games.

Research shows that if a child gambles or bets, there is a very high chance that he/she has a higher risk of developing gambling problems as an adult.

What if you have problematic gaming behavior?

Are you one of those struggling with their gaming habits? We recommend you do not play this game so that you can avoid making the same mistake again. Are you one of those in recovery for addictive disorders or dependencies? This game is not advised for you too.

When to avoid this game

Please also avoid playing this game when you are upset, lonely, angry, depressed, or stressed.


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