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We market. We develop apps and games for people of all ages. We also invest.

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We are a small and efficient company. We are passionate about what we do round the year. We are improving us every year.

We are interested in investing our time, money and labor in projects that can not only earn money but also create real jobs.

  • We invest in long term projects that have earning potentials
  • We invest our time and money in useful and realistic projects
  • We stop projects when we become sure that it has no more hope

We carefully research about our projects. We always try to find out projects that can help millions and even billions of people in this world. We also search for projects that can help people regularly. We try to help people of all ages. We try to solve their specific problems.

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We do create awesome Projects

Our projects are our sources of income. We try to invest in great and profitable projects that are really worth investing.

Long-term earning

We are not interested in projects that cannot generate earning for long time

Useful projects

If a project is not able to be useful to many people, we do not create it

Global customers

Our projects are regularly useful and open to many people around the world

Customers of all ages

We try to create projects that can help any person who has access to the Internet

Invest Through Us

If you have idle money and are looking for a great partner like us to invest in meaningful projects, we can be your partner for long time. We can share responsibilities and profits. We are also open to your new ideas. You can share your ideas with us.

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Check our Portfolio

We usually do not reveal much information about our business and ideas to outsiders. If you are a seriously interested party, you can directly contact us.

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  • App
  • Invest
  • Web

Userful App

Apps that can help you

Web Project

Web-based learning projects

Learning App

Apps that help to learn

Long-term Investment

Investment that have long-term prospect

Web Learning

Using the web to educate prople

Gaming App

Uing gaming apps for fun and learn

Small Investment

We can start with small investments

Careful Investment

We are serious and careful

Web Training

We can improve skills through web training


Frequently Asked Questions

  • The meaning of this company name is symbolic. You can find pearls in some shells, but not in every shell. The goal of this company is to find out the good shells that have pearls. In other words, the company tries to find out good businesses & investment/earning opportunities to invest, re-invest, grow, and finally make a profit out of all these activities.

    The word "shell" also indicates protection. The company tries its best to protect all its investments, assets, and earnings.

  • The company has been incorporated in Singapore on 4th April 2015. The company was officially located in Bugis, Singapore.

  • The company started with investing in its own service based online projects. It will continue its investment and re-investment as long as existing and new online projects and ideas are profitable.

  • The company also intends to invest as a corporate shareholder in other businesses/companies at a later time.

  • Yes. We are developing commercial user apps for the Android and iOS mobile users. We shall release several apps soon.

  • We are planning to deevelop learning and game apps for users of all ages.


Our Hardworking Team

Our team is always trying to find profitable investment ideas and doing their best to keep the company profitable.

Walter White

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Jhonson

Product Manager

William Anderson


Amanda Jepson



Contact Us

Please contact us only for business related issues. Do not send emails for marketing related issues.


133 New Bridge Road, #10-03 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413


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